Thursday, February 02, 2006

I found the picture of my Indian, the pale bits are the bleached out areas, the grey at the bottom look even more chalky in real life, I really am worried about starting this, my friend said she would put it on the wall as it is, but I don't think son would be very pleased having unfinished work on the wall.
I may have a play around with the tissue paper pieces first. I will try and get them photographed tomorrow. Maybe having them up on the blog will get me working.


MargaretR said...

Sorry, re-read last post. It is black ink on tissue, not bleach on black tissue. I'm tired(G)
I suppose it reminded me of an excercise we did in c&g Carol.

Liz said...

This picture is amazing... it looks like a cave painting

Zaz said...

I love this picture it still paper or have you translated into textiles ?

fantastic image


Carol said...

Sara, it is still brown paper about 2ft square, I loved the distressed effect the grey dye gave to the paper, and have kept it for more than a year wondering what to do with it, I am hoping the iron on interfacing will stabilise the paper when I machine into it.

Helen Cowans said...

Carol, this picture is great. Hope my DS grows up to draw like this and wants to collaborate with mum. Look forward to seeing what you do with it :) Helen

Frances said...

wow Carol this is wonderful, I love what you have done with the paper and your son's drawing,

nadine said...

fabulous photo -
i found your site through the blog ring of loose ends !

smarcoux said...

Fabulous piece .. will be linking you to my blog for sure so I can keep up with what your doing.
Dangling by a thread

Eldest Child said...

Hi Caz

Have you started on it yet? Remember it's only paper. I can always sketch another one if you need it, so just jump on in. Dont forget you have a photograph to try out in photoshop, test out some colours and shapes before you do it for real.

I was thinking maybe if you could work some background colours that match the top red/orange and have it blending down over the grey area to bring out the shape of his body. It should work to suggest a silhouette shape leaving the grey to represent his body. Then you can ignore his body and work on his jewelry / adornments. It's just a suggestion, trying to get you motivated again :)

I'm looking forward to seeing our first collaboration of many..


MargaretR said...

What a wonderful son you have Carol. I thought mine were the best, but they are not into my type of art. Can I borrow yours sometime please?