Thursday, February 09, 2006

Decided to scan a couple of pictures to show what else I am working on,
I want to make a panel for my nephew, as every time he goes to my Mum's house he raves over one of my earlier C&G pieces that hangs in her stairwell.
The framework of this panel is part of the piece itself, I built up a textured background with polyfilla, this was painted with metallic colours and in the centre, I painted really horrible gaudy gold and silver lame (sp) with metallic paints then stitched into them, the stitched panel was mounted on softboard and bolted to the main frame.
As I never do the same thing twice I decided to create a texture on a canvas frame with a stitched panel of layered sheers, across the middle.
My first try I hand stitched and gathered the sheers, I had just read an article by Jean Draper one of my favorite embroiderer's and this influenced my choice of stitching, but I had backed the fabric with some wadding and gathered it too much. So it ended up too short for the canvas, I love the finished effect, and I will find a way of using it eventually.
The colours look a little dull here as they are metallic sheers, wonderful shimmery glints show through the top bronze layer.


MargaretR said...

Scrumptious textured work as usual Carol. Glad you are feeling well enough to start creating again.

Sue said...

I really love this - amazing texture and wonderful colours. Yummy and covetable.

Joanna van said...

I read your description but I still don't quite understand how you got all the folds into your piece?
It's beautiful Carol

Joanna van said...

Opps just got it...You gathered it by hand!

StegArt said...

Wow this piece is awesome. I wish I could touch it.

Dianne said...

This is fantastic!! Wonderful colours and the textures are crying out to be touched!!