Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Tuesday Talk

A week has gone by since the last post, I am determined to keep a regular update from now on.

While my room was being reorganised I wasn't completely idle, even though working with my stash scattered all over the flat was difficult. 

I have been doing some short half day courses with Coleg Harlech, last term we were printing fabrics, natural dyeing and rust dyeing 
I enjoyed the rust dyeing, the fabrics used below are calico, cotton, Lutradur, scrim and even the plastic bags the rusty bits were resting on.

I used the Lutradur squares to make a booklet, they started off 12 " square and became a 6" folding book.

One page rusted with washers.

Another rusted with nails

I love how this book can be placed different ways to show off the pages

A paper version sitting along side

My natural dye experiments were not very successful as I was on holiday the week we were covering it in class, I don't have much greenery in my garden and most of the best berries had gone by the time I had a play at home.
It was interesting to have a go, but I don't think I will be doing any more

This term we are covering stitch, mainly hand stitch and also reverse applique and faux chenille.
I am enjoying rediscovering hand stitch, as I am working on some new items of my own at the moment I am keeping my samples for this term small.

This was the first stitch sample, using lots of the fabrics from last term.


Heather said...

Your stitch sample is beautiful and I like the variations in the rust dyeing. Love the folded books. Not a good time of year for natural dyes unless you had already prepared or dried some plant material.

Penny said...

Carol where can I find instructions for that folded book? Does it have a name so I can find it somewhere, it is not in my bookmaking books, not that I have many but would love to try and make one.

Vicki Miller said...

I THINK I know how you folded the pages, but like penny, I'd love to know for sure. Your stitch sample is gorgeous. Most definitely needs a frame!

Carol McFee said...

Vicki if you email me on I will send you some info, your comment came through with no reply blogger

sweetypie said...

I love the rust patterns, and I would love to make the book, could you possibly tell me where to find some instructions too please, thankyou, tina
thanks again