Saturday, November 05, 2011

Oh Dear

The North Wales Embroiderer's Guild held their Biennial exhibition on the 28 th and 29 th of October.
I didn't get to take any pictures as I forgot my camera, the exhibition was fabulous and gets better and better, thanks to all the hard work of the exhibition committee.

For lots of pictures and more to follow check out Croesew the official guild blog, Margaret (Digital Gran) writes this blog and took an amazing amount of photographs.
I did a little stewarding over the two days and on the Saturday did a demonstration working on kitchen foil with alcohol inks and organza I also took lots of samples of fabric with kitchen foil and tissue paper coloured with inks, dyes and paint.

I met lots of lovely people and some were asking how these were made, for any one reading this to get an idea check out this FREE chapter on Fibre In-Form's Inspired Surfaces,
'A Fascination With Foil'

The only trouble with demonstrating is the mess I make pulling things out to take with me, always way too much, and an even worse mess when I get back home.

I am hoping by showing the mess it will shame me into clearing up as I have put it off for the last week :)

This is what my sewing table looks like, to the right of the desk is a small cupboard and my computer desk with just as much mess piled up and around them, I had already cleared away the piled up ironing board in front of them.

The messy worktable doesn't look much better




and the floor in front of it isn't much better.

Right off to tackle the mess, but maybe a little coffee first :)


MargaretR said...

Hi Carol. Thanks for the mention. I'll come and hep you tidy up if you give me demo of the alcohol inks when it's tidy again :)

Sarah Bell Smith said...

I love the photos. My studio is very similar at the moment. It does still look like it is organised mess I must say. I"m not sure that shame cleaning works that well either.

Val D said...

Your room could almost be a clone of mine except for the computer table- no room in the workroom for that.You may not remember me but I was Guild member till I left for downubder.
Val Duncan

Carol said...

Hi Val, your message came through as no reply, so I am answering here, I remember yopu very well :) I hope you have settled into your new life down under, are you managing to continue with your embroidery?

artymess said...

Carol i could post some pics of my desk that looks very like yours !!..x

Helen Cowans said...

Looks wonderfully productive though :) You've been "nesting" in the extreme! Good luck tidying up.