Wednesday, May 04, 2011

More news

Putting the finishing touches to the new Fibre in-Form workshop has been keeping Lynda (purplemissus) and myself busy the past few weeks, as well as lots of surfaces for you to create to use in your own art, we also show how to use the finished 'fabrics in projects like these.

Lesson 1,
We show how to create a 'fabric' using aluminium foil and PVA glue to make this vessel.

Lesson 2 we look at creating sketchbooks with newspaper, here is one of the books you can make.

And in Lesson 3, which we are really excited about, we show you how to create PVA Skins to add to your own projects or create stand alone pieces of wearable art.


Heather said...

All the lessons sound great and your examples are wonderful - I love the look of the book.

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