Sunday, December 19, 2010


Living by the seaside we don't often get snow that sticks around for very long, we had a flurry of a couple of inches on Friday which looked as if it was going by lunchtime, what was left turned to ice but this is what we woke up to on Saturday morning 6 inch deep,

These pictures are all through the glass it was too cold to open the window :)
this is the view from the back over the allotments, the woods above looked beautiful

Look at that sky brrr

It won't be long before the youngsters are out on the bowling green to make snowmen

Out of the front window, nothing much moving on the hill, we used to live at the top of this hill in the 80's thank goodness we are not there now

So glad we changed the car a few months ago from a little two seater to a four wheel drive as we manged to get out of the drive and down the hill very slowly to stock up on shopping thank goodness we did because by 3 o clock nothing could get up the hill and quite a few cars were stuck for the night.

Looking down the hill you can just see the sea in the distance very cold and grey.
nothing has moved today the road is like a sheet of ice, but the children have had a ball sledging down the hill, with the teenagers coming right from the top, my heart is in my mouth watching them


Jensters said...

I love looking at snow picture and these are wonderful ones....wish we had a 4 wheel drive too!

Sandy said...

That's a lot of snow and looks cold.

Su said...

We had our first lot of "proper" snow over the weekend too. It's lovely to look at isn't it, but not so good tyo go out in!

Heather said...

That sky looks very threatening - hope you didn't get another lot of snow. It is very beautiful but makes life very difficult for so many people. Keep warm and safe.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Carol

Carolyn x

Anonymous said...

It was a really cold spell wasn't it...can't quite remember that much snow in the Midlands before. Hope Christmas was good, and all the best for 2011.

lindacreates said...

These are great and what a fun treat every once in a blue moon!
This looks like my North Idaho home most of the winter! Of course I live in the mountains and not by the sea!

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