Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Playing with the Cinch

Recently we have been clearing out our attic, so many things up there that haven't been looked at in the nine years we have been here, so lots of stuff for the charity shops resulting in lots of empty cardboard boxes, last week with a new pile of cardboard ready for the dump,it made me think of my son SYSTEM's recent work on packaging and I decided to have a play with my new toy of a few posts back the Cinch, and so a lot of the boxes have been dismantled into usable pieces,

This one was a small box with coated surface, I ripped the surface off the outside which left this lovely distressed effect, it was all painted with white emulsion and allowed to dry.

The front cover is ready to be decorated but I haven't decided on a fastener yet. there is a small flap that comes around from the back.

This page was made up of the side flaps, punched on the Cinch and laced together with black thread.

Tags were also added on a couple of the pages

the back flap was also laced with black thread.

Now to decide what goes inside.


ju-north said...

Love this idea!

Heather said...

Fantastic Carol - I would never have thought of using old cardboard boxes like that. Don't forget to show us what you put inside your book.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a wonderful thing to do. Love the stitching!

sharon young said...

Love it! Wish I'd been half as inventive with my Zutter.
Love your son's new work, really inspiring, he certainly did inherit mum's talent.

ANNA said...

love it!!! THink I need to find a cinch!! Anna

PaulineC said...

What a great idea. I love the stitching.

MargaretR said...

That's fantastic Carol. I tried to comment before but it refused to post. I hope I get better luck today as I've changed some settings in my firewall.

matilda said...

hey! your stuff is really nice.
i just did a hole assignment on textures and did stuff just like urs. though urs is a little more professional :D
i get a lot of ideas from your blog :D