Thursday, June 17, 2010

Playing Around

I have been playing with the new layout gizzmo, got myself in a huge muddle and hadn't a clue what I was doing, so I am leaving it alone for a while until I can have a good look, will have to leave this one here for now :)

For those of you who were interested in the Future Everything Project a few posts ago, HERE is a updated video of the project showing the finished work


Heather said...

How exciting to be part of that project. The size and scale is just mindboggling.


Thanks so much Carol. Your comment means a lot to me. I'm also really excited about the sketchbook project for later in the year. I just can't wait for that little moleskin to arrive :o)

The WestCountryBuddha said...

I got myself into a bit of a pickle with the blogger thingy too!

It seems EVERYONE is doing the sketch book thingy. It sounds wonderful fun :)