Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thank goodness

March is well behind us, I seemed to be ill with one thing and another the whole month, first a flu type virus, then a chest cold finishing the month with a nasty stomach bug,so I was very relieved to welcome April feeling okay. When I finally went back into the workroom the brushes I had left in water and some in the jar of dye I had been painting with had dried out and gone mouldy yuck, never had that happen before.

We made the most of the nice weather over the Easter break and made our first visit of the season to Bodnant Gardens, not much in flower except the Magnolias and Rhododendron, we did get to see the beautiful resident Peacock, which sadly I didn't get a picture of, my husband was filming him sitting on the wall, don't think he was too pleased as it flew at him after ruffling his feathers a bit.

Also had a visit to Ruthin Craft Centre, I went to see the Becky Adams exhibition, no photographs allowed and the website doesn't really show much but there were a couple of other exhibitions going on at the same time so spent a nice hour looking around.

Our next day out was to Penrhyn Castle, I love this place and wish photography was allowed inside, or that the National Trust would get some decent postcards of the wonderful columns in the main rooms (carved wood) and the inner hallway (carved stone). I did do some little quick sketches of the carvings and plan to finally do something based on them after saying this for the last 10 years :)

I took a few shots around the entrance you can see more HERE

It was so windy outside we could barely keep our feet on the ground so gave the gardens a miss this time.


Heather said...

Love the peacock video - the colours of their plumage are amazing. That entrance archway is beautiful. So glad you are better at last. I had the stomach bug - very nasty - it leaves you feeling really weak doesn't it?

Amo House said...

Fabulous stonework Carol. It is a shame they don't let photographs in so many of these places. Mind you, digging out the sketch book is supposed to be better for you! If you can stand the funny looks. ;-)

Val said...

So pleased you are feeling a lot better Carol - now down to some serious creating, yes?
Love the video - fab. colours.