Sunday, February 07, 2010

Meet the family

This little chap came to live with us last September on my husbands birthday, born from my grandsons baby socks, my lovely daughter-in-law Poppy who is married to my youngest son made it for him. I was very jealous especially as she had also made one for my eldest son who was home at the time,visiting on his birthday, so there was I outnumbered by men and sock monkeys.

But look who was in my Christmas stocking, my very own lady sock monkey, with her own dress, handbag and jewellery Yeah, with those lips I couldn't name her anything but Ruby.

You may notice Ruby is carrying a little book, this was made by my eldest sons lovely partner Christine for our Christmas card, below is a glimpse inside, it has little pockets and tags and sliders, its wonderful there was also a lovely pair of earrings that she made me nestling in one of the pockets.



I absolutely adore Ruby and the stripey sock monkey. Your Christmas goodies look great too!

I was so pleased to hear your good news in your post today. A huge relief and worry behind you. Hope you celebrate in style

Carolyn ♥

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Angelcat said...

Both the monkeys and the book are gorgeous! What a creative family you have.

CeeMae said...

I LOVE little Ruby! :) xxxx

Snippety Giblets said...
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Snippety Giblets said...

Thanks Cas !! I'm going to nick the photo for my facebook album as with all our troubles before Xmas I forgot to take one. Love Christine's little book - so beautifully made. We should go into business :0)

Heather said...

Ruby is gorgeous and her little book is delightful and so clever. What very special gifts, and the earrings are lovely too.

smarcoux said...

thats a lovely sock monkey and love the lips like she is smirking !