Friday, December 11, 2009

November card for Neki

This is the picture Jenny chose for Calendar Girls postcard swap for November.
I love the way the little girl is looking out into the distance and the little fairies are all going about their business below the tree roots.

My first thoughts didn't work out due to the small scale, but I had this piece of painted Lutradur and the colour reminded me of lichen coloured tree bark, and o I created a door covering the whole postcard the cord is supposed to represent tree roots :)

Once you open the door it reveals the little fairies who have come out to play

This picture was in my stash of copyright free images its Arthur Rackhams from a Midsummer Nights Dream, I printed it out onto acetate and placed it over a peice of transfer foiled kitchen foil. it has a lovely golden glow in real life I can't get a picture as it is so dark, but this scan gives you an idea.

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