Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A month late

Ooops I just found this post in draft written a whole month ago.

I thought I would show you my new work table, we had a large piece of worktop over from doing up the kitchen so my husband cut two old wardrobe doors in half glued them together and made the legs,
I bought some new drawer units and its great I can reach everything so easily, my last set up was two old shelf units one in front of the other with an old desk top on top, this meant I had to get on my hands and knees to reach the back and lately I couldn't get up again :)

In the kitchen we moved the wall cupboards along into the corner and filled the space left with these two shelves, looking around for something to put on them I remembered this, it will do until I find the right thing

You can read more about it HERE,
it was supposed to hang on the wall, but the bottom wouldn't lay flat.


alcoholinky said...

ooh, just love that.

hippopip said...

What can you mean it will do until you find "the right thing" it looks fantastic great colour and lucious texture.