Sunday, August 09, 2009

Back again

I am just about lifting my head from the settee after some kind of virus, every time I thought I was better, back it came, so not a lot of creativity around here this last 3 weeks, I did manage to sort out a lot of folders then old magazines ripping out interesting bits and adding more to the folder pile than I threw away :)

We did manage a trip out to Ruthin Craft Centre which is just half an hour away from us to see the exhibitions by

Mary Loyd Jones
I have not come across Mary's work before and found them interesting although they are not as vibrant in real life as they look in the photo's, the work in Ruthin is Gallery 5 on the website, but check out the rest of her website for more recent work, which I prefer.

Kevin Coates A Notebook of Pins was stunning, check out his website and see for yourself.

Ruth Duckworth

This was the main exhibition and the pieces were much larger than I was expecting I would have given a home to some of the wall pieces if I had a wall big enough and a purse to match.

I haven't been totally idle, I did manage to add a few inks and sprays to something I had started a while ago.


Heather said...

Do hope you are feeling better Carol. I have had something trying to get at me for the past week, but hopefully I've seen it off. Love the piece you applied inks to - super colours. I'm going to check on the links you gave us.

smarcoux said...

Wow Carol .. glad to see you back online and feeling better ... more then likely touches of the swine flu ... as its going around
we have had a few cases confirmed at my work !

MargaretR said...

Good to have you back Carol.