Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekend Trip and March PC

I am just about recovering from my weekend away, spent some time with my sons family and my gorgeous grandson, who has only seen us on Skype every week for the last year, but thankfully seemed to recognize us any way.
Saturday I met up with Lynda and we went to meet with Maggie Grey and Michale Wicks and take our work for Michael to photograph, as you may have read on Lynda and Maggie's blogs we had to have our photo taken for the d4daisy website, despite our protests it had to be done, it didn't help that Maggie made us laugh right in the middle of taking the pictures. I have been watching reruns of Americas Next Top Model, and I have to confess I had an overwhelming urge to start posing LOL

This is my card for Pippa, I meant to load it last night as it went in the post yesterday just in time for the March deadline.
I was trying to think what to do for this interpretation, every time I looked at the picture it reminded me of scraps thrown down on the surface, so that is what I did, cut up some green velvets, taffeta and rust and brown organza, and stitched them together randomly, once the piece was large enough I bonded it to some gold lame the taffeta created creases,it was then bonded to Pelmet Vilene, cut to size and went back to the machine to stitch over the seams.

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hippopip said...

And its even better in real life! thanks Carol