Monday, December 08, 2008

Regular readers of Maggie Greys blog will see that Lynda and I had a secret assignation with Maggie a week ago – in a Service Station on the M4 motorway at Reading. And the result of that meeting is a book to be published by d4Daisy early in the Spring.
To say that I am excited and terrified all at the same time is an understatement.

You may have seen this sentence on Lynda's blog
(The Eastbound services wasn’t it Carol? Or was it Westbound? *LOL*)

My husband dove me down to the Reading service station we were really pleased we had made good time considering the thick fog we had to drive through all the way there, there was no sign of Lynda or Maggie then I had a phone call from Lynda asking where I was?, we were on the wrong side oops,I am never going to live that one down :)

below is a picture taken through the windscreen it has thickened the fog slightly but not much we could just about see the tail lights of the car in front. scary

The Textured Surfaces workshop has now finished. The students were all a really wonderful bunch, very friendly and eager to both learn and share. Lynda and I were blown away with the samples that were produced. I’m sure that everyone reading this has come across a blog with some of these samples on. Lynda is in the middle of putting at least one photo of each persons samples up on the Fibre in-Form website – a massive task as everyone did so many really good ones its hard to choose just one.

We were going to repeat this workshop some time in ’09 but have had so many requests to do it again soon that the first lesson will start again on January 9th. Take a look here if you are interested.

We are also working on another workshop planned for early next year, more details on that soon plus a couple of other exciting developments, still in the early stages.


Homeleightigger said...

Congratulations Carol on the success of the Workshops - I'm hoping to sign in for the January one. Was I the only CG who didn't do it the first time?
Many warm congratulations for you and Lynda re the Book too - I can just imagine all the emotions that are chasing each other around at the moment. Great stuff! Look forward very much to the Book being published.

MargaretR said...

A book! How exciting for you both!
I must do the workshops with the new batch if that is OK with you both? Life took over this time LOL

hippopip said...

Its great news Carol,the fog looked dreadful and so easy to get the sides of the motorway mixed up when you are all coming from different directions.

Heather said...

Congratulations on the book - how exciting - and it will be just in time for my birthday, an ideal present. I shall drop plenty of hints in the right ears!! That awful fog. Driving in those conditions is a nightmare - glad you all got home safely. The workshops sound really good and I'm glad they are such a success.