Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lovely new goodies

I have had a strange few weeks,with very mixed emotions, involving hospital tests, a family funeral, a visit to the Knitting and Stitching show and celebrating our 40th anniversary and in between all this doing lots of sleeping, I think I was a Bear in another life as I am in hibernation mode :)

I decided to stock up on the essentials before I went to Harrogate K&S as
The Stamp Man
had 20% off and free postage over ten pounds,and they are always prompt in getting their orders out, no affiliation just a happy shopper, lovely Moonglow, glitz spritz and Starburst Stains. and a few other goodies.

Next I bought some Perfect Pearls on E-Bay from here great price and fast service, again no affiliation.

All that shopping before I went meant I only bought a few things from Harrogate
Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn's new books which I must admit I didn't even look inside I just know I have to have them.
Paper and Metal Leaf Lamination by Claire Benn, Leslie Morgan and Jane Dunnewold
and Get Plastered by Maggie Smith
a few more books that were on my list were not quite what I expected so they got crossed off , but several more have been added to the Wish list to replace them :)

The day before I went to K&S I ran out of my Walnut Crystals and Golden Interference, so stopped by Art Van Go to buy some and added a metre of prefelt along with several postcards that was my lot.

I find myself quite overwhelmed at these shows lately, is it my age :)
I wander around like someone from the home for the bewildered

Loved the work of Jackie Langfield in the Graduate Showcase, she hasn't got a website yet but look out for her work in the future.
loved the Art Cloth exhibition and always love Jan and Jeans work, Ruth Issetts colourful work just makes you smile walking among the banners, and I really liked Jean Drapers new work in collaboration with her partner.
so all in all a good day.


ANNA said...

lovely set of goodies!! Do you know where the Maggie Smith book is availalbe. It was not at the K&S in london. Amazon say 3 - 6 weeks but I would like it sooner.

Doreen G said...

I know what you men about wandering around craft show like a lost soul.
I usually head for the stalls I like and then aimlessly meander around the rest not really taking much notice---sometimes I do miss an important one but what the heck.

Jacquelines blog said...

Wow, lovely goodies!!!!

Anonymous said...

oooh.. I love all those.. but had not seen the Get Plastered book.... oh gee thanks make me go look to buy one :) Sounds like your having fun!

Helen Cowans said...

hope things get better soon..... you made me realise I forgot the Walnut Ink from AVG! Will have to order from the Stamp man - thanks for that recommendation.

Tracy said...

OOOOH lovely stash of goodies, can't wait to see what you do with them:)

mama said...

Oh very nice!!!

Mama from from france
Make friends and swap gifts

Margaret S said...

Doesn't shopping for creative goodies beat shopping for clothes??! I went on a workshop with Ruth Issett three days after talking to her at Harrogate and had such a great time, she is a lovely individual and such an excellent facilitator. See my blog, I came away with so many ideas.