Sunday, October 19, 2008

Absent without leave

Well its been a while since I posted, but I do have a good excuse, I was sunning myself in Turkey for two weeks and have been running around like a headless chicken in the week I have been back.
I finished off my article for Fibre & Stitch Issue 6.

Best of all Lynda and I launched our first online class 'Textured Surfaces' we have such a great bunch of students, who are willing to try all the techniques with such enthusiasm its a real pleasure to have them on board.

While I was on holiday as well as buying a couple of embroidered bags and some great tops for next summer I bought these bits and pieces, I can't wait to take them apart, I love the imagery on the little bookmarks.and the metal edges on the hangings are just asking to be made into something.

I haven't had chance to look through my photo's properly yet but here are a couple of the places we visited


A snippet from The Temple of Apollo


Connie Rose said...

Wow, Carol, great textures in those photos, especially the bottom one. Would love to see more photos from Turkey!

Angelcat said...

Welcome back, I've never been to Turkey so like Connie Rose would love to see more of your pics!

Sue said...

Oh, Carol, I wish I'd been able to sneak into your luggage for stowaway purposes - it looks wonderful. I agree - more pictures are needed? Is the Temple of Apollo at Ephesus? And your shopping - wow! More information and illustration, pleeeeease!

sharon young said...

Oh!! You lucky thing, I'm really jealous :-) especially as we've been suffering some very cold weather at home in the last couple of weeks. Good to see you back.
Great souvenirs

MargaretR said...

Lovely photos Carol. Good to have you back.

Gill said...

oooh Carol - isn't Ephesus just amazing? And we want to see more of those goodies you brought home....

Good to have you back- we missed you~!

Jacquelines blog said...

Good to have you back Carol!The pictures are gorgeous and I love the book marks!