Monday, September 15, 2008

Old products

While looking through my supplies I came across an old bottle of Plaids
'Picture This' as I had tried it out on a small sample around 10 years ago
and wasn't happy with the result, I stuck it in the cupboard, on rediscovering
it I decided to have another go, I wasn't even sure if it would work after all this time,there was a couple of photocopies with it so I tried them out on a scrap of calico and another on a piece of heavily painted canvas.

This piece above is the calico, once I had removed the backing paper and it was dry it still had a cloudy film on top, so thinking I had nothing to lose I ran it under the tap and rubbed the area at the same time, success it felt soft and no cloudiness left.
Now if I had known it was going to work I would have torn around the edge of the image a bit more carefully, so I decided to rip the edge of the calico and add some copper foil (Fibre In-Form) of course,
Now I have to think of something to do with it :) it has ended up at 6" x 6"

This one above was a heavily painted piece of canvas fabric that had been sat on the desk, receiving all the excess paint on the brushes while I was working on other things, I was really pleased with the result of the image transfer on this painted surface and it has given me a few ideas for the future, this time I added silver leaf around the edge of the image. I want to do more to this.

I have been given ths award by Jackie go and check out her great blog,
I have to tell you I thought I was going mad, as she sent me a mail telling me about this, and then I saw the post in my Google Reader, yesterday when I went to thank her, I couldn't find the post and wondered if I had been dreaming but no. there it is again, with an explanation on Jackies blog.
Here is my choice to recieve the award, as they say on tv, in no particular order
I chose this group as they are always so enthusiastic in everything they do and share their beautiful work on their blogs

Doreen G

I just realised these are all Calendar Girls so my fifth nomination is all the rest of the gang :)


Purple Missus said...

Why is it that we buy something, have a go, don't get on with it, put it in the cupboard for a couple of years, find it, have another go and really get hooked on it???
And I bet you are almost run out now. :)
I think when I go to Ally Pally I am just going to buy a load of stuff and store it for a couple of years then perhaps I too will be able to come up with something like these.
Love the purple Madonna. Some stitching on there will make it look wonderful. What size is that one?

sharon young said...

Hi Carol
Thank you so much for the award, I'm very honoured!

What a great result from such an old bottle of stuff, I love the look of the second canvas, it's very effective, I'm curious to see where you take it from here.

Jacquelines blog said...

I never used it but it looks interesting. I like the combination with the foil...

Kim said...

Very cool stuff, Carol. I play with different types of transfer too, I think I will have to try this type. Love the foiling too!

Jackie said...

Sorry to have caused such confusion!