Monday, July 07, 2008


I have had a strange week, and couldn't seem to catch up with myself, in the end I just deleted a whole host of e-mails and my backlog on Google reader, as much as I love the Internet it gets a bit overwhelming sometimes.

I loaded these samples a week ago and forgot to post, and to end the week with a bang I slipped on a wet floor and fell full force onto my knees, not funny at my weight. Ouch.
I kept an ice pack on the painful bits all day yesterday so I am not too bad today.

I am very behind in my lessons on Dales Embellisher course, but I have printed them all off and bound them together for future reference. I will work through them all at a later date, below is a sample on bronze taffeta with voile and silks all the same tone,

Silk strips for this one, but I think my strips were too wide and it ended up like a Ra Ra skirt ( remember them, not that I was young enough to wear them at the time ) so I embellished across the rows and it calmed it down a bit

I also spent a long time waiting for Walnut ink to dry :)


sharon young said...

Hi Carol
So sorry to hear about your fall, that must have been extremely painful, hope you're better soon.
I love that last sample, I've been deliberating about walnut ink for ages, I think I'll have to get some now.

Helen Suzanne said...

lovely samples Carol... but your KNEES!!! ouch that must be so sore. I had a similar elbow experience the other week and the paint to hit those joints is quite unbearable. I hope you find some comfort. Do take care and mend quick.

Jacquelines blog said...

Hi Carol, I hope you feel better soon, was a nasty accident!The samples look great!

Kim said...

One should never let ones knees get old faster than the rest of one.... unfortunately, I have centenial knees! Hope this isn't extra years for yours! Love the fibreart, too...needlefelting is so cool.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Ouch! Hope the hurt goes away soon. |Lovely samples,I also find walnut ink takes for ever to dry on Felt.... I gave up after 4 days and washed it out and used the felt for something else.
Best wishes

Genie said...

Ouch !! Hope your Better soon.
Love your sample pieces.