Monday, April 21, 2008

pink carnation

Last week I received a digital Ixus camera for my birthday, I have been too busy to try it out properly, I really wanted to be able to take close ups so took a few quick shots on the macro setting, I am thrilled with the results and hopefully once
I know what I am doing, I can get some good close up shots.
so its now time to retire the APS Ixus LOL, yes I have been a Dinosaur and still using film when out and about :)

even closer


Doreen G said...

That sure is some camera Carol --what great pics -lucky you.

Purple Missus said...

Happy birthday and what a lovely present.
Maybe you could do a close up of your shiny new bus pass? *LOL*

Carol said...

OH how very dare you, ya cheeky madam
I wish I did have it, it costs me a fortune on the buses, LOL only two years to go :)

MargaretR said...

What a lovely Birthday present Carol. Great photos.

sharon young said...

Hi Carol
Great pics. are the from a B/day bouquet?
Happy B/day :-)
Thank you for you wonderful comments on my blog post.

Michele said...

Beautiful photos, Carol. How nice to have a great camera you can count on to take wonderful close-ups!