Sunday, April 06, 2008

Journal week 1

Last week I started Sue B's Journal class online, its good fun and a really great bunch of people on the course I decided with this course that each journal I make is going to be used, as I have made so many in the past that just sit on the shelf once I came home from a workshop.
For journal 1,
I wanted a sketchbook for a project I am working on based on the indigo cotton jackets that Japanese peasants wore, and repaired over and over again adding scraps of fabric with sashiko patterns. I have seen them described as Ranru, but not sure if this is the jacket style or the name given to the distressed effect the jackets create. something I need to look at in more depth.
I want to create a ragged look but with a more luxurious fabric using organza to start with, and trying to distress this in layers.

The cover is pelmet vilene painted with charcoal procion dye, and scraps of
organza bonded to the outside, I have only made one signature as the pages
are also pelmet vilene and I watered the charcoal to make lighter grey, but
thought it needed a punch of another colour, so added a violet dye,
I stitched the tag holder and pockets to the pages and the detail of the cut
out is from the edge of a Japanese vessel.

I haven't put the inside lining in yet or stitched the signature, as I think
I want to make the cover a bit more raggy, so may blast it with the heat
gun, I thought I had better take the pictures before I do this.
I made the cord for the cover by tearing strips of organza and roughly
stitching over the twisted cord, I could have twisted tighter to get a neater cord
but wanted a rough look, I haven't put a permanent closure as with adding
fabric samples and notes it will expand quite a lot, once its finished I may add
a closure
I have enjoyed making this journal, and it has set me off on all different
tangents, and also solved some questions along the way.


Micki said...

Love the look of this and what you are doing with it.

sharon young said...

This is a lovely journal holder, Carol, what a great thing to make and use. I must admit I've never made anything as elaborate as this, only a book cover.

StegArt said...

It's fabulous Carol. I must admit when I first saw it on my screen I thought it looked like patches of denim in differing stages of fadedness. I think my monitor is making it appear more blue. I love the way you did your ties with the embellishments.

Sue B said...

It's awesome Carol!

Alis said...

I love it Carol!
The texture is great, I'm sure you will want to use it all the time.

Purple Missus said...

Lovely surface - ideal for the project you have in mind so go for it!

arlee said...

OOOO what a great way to use sheers! I need something to do today and with a tote that holds 68l of sheers, i know where i'm going :} Love the cording too.

Hanna said...

I like your journal and also that you have a thought with it so that it will come to use.
I have just completed my first journal and mine is going to be a journal where I will write down my walking.

Kim said...

Stunning. Love the details - the cut out and the coins.

marion said...

I think this is gorgeous, nice work! Am I right in thinking that the procion will wash out if you happen to get the journal wet? Might be a good look, of course!

Michele said...

Love it! What's funny is that so many of the bloggers who were on my "list" are in Sue's class with me! Small world sometimes.

Jacquelines blog said...

This is lovely Carol!

Fran├žoise said...

It's beautiful.

Aussie Jo said...

This is stunning. I love those colours. I am fortunate in having a great supplier of Japanese textiles locally (Kyo). I might make a diary cover with some vintage Japanese materials after seeing yours. Looking forward to seeing what you do for the next one.

Judy Scott said...

love the journal they are a brilliant idea and your ideas behind yours are wonderful, exciting new project! Jx