Monday, September 24, 2007

Acetate and Canvas

A while ago I painted some papers and liked the result so I scanned them into the computer, last week I printed one out on to ink jet acetate using Dura Bright inks, I wanted to mount it onto canvas and tried three different glues on the back of an old canvas. the Golden matt medium worked well as did good old PVA, but when I put the medium and then the acetate onto the painted canvas, it sucked the colour out of the print on the raised areas from the brush marks, leaving this result, not what I was after, but quite interesting.
This picture doesn't show the depth of colours as well as in real life


Dianne said...

It looks really interesting Carol.

Purple Missus said...

These look good. For some reason, and I haven't a clue why, they remind me of stormy seas.

Gina said...

They may not be what you planned Carol, but they look wonderful. I agree with Lynda, very stormy looking... seas or skies.

Wabbit said...

Very interesting looking. Did you know that there is a whole Yahoo group devoted to making transfers this way? inkjet_transfers is owned by Lesley Riley who uses this method to transfer photos to fabric to use in her art quilts and fabric journals.