Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Golden Girl

This is the next layer in the torso's development, I don't like this colour gold at all, its has turned a brassy colour, and now she is dry I can quickly move on to the next stage, I was looking a last Wednesdays post, with the silver and interference layer, and imagining what would happen if I poured the wonderful Iron Gall ink that Lynda (Purple Missus) discovered and blogged about here way back on 18Th March 2007, the textures she creates are amazing.
I shall start building up some different layers with a dry brush and metallic paints.
watch this space:)


Doreen G said...

Carol --I'm starting to wonder if the Torso is going to have an identity problem--but keep going we all want to know how it will end up.

Dianne said...

Another great layer - she could do a dance, like the scarf dancers - to remove all of her layers - what a great show that would be!!!!

Alis said...

I'm really enjoying seeing this develop. It's like a great series on the TV. You just have to tune in to see what happens next.

Barbara said...

wonderful work! great layer!