Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lyndas Page For Me

I received the May page from Lynda for the book page swap on Fiberartfriends, it is stupendous, I had a really hard time getting a picture, but if you go here to Lynda Purple Missus blog, you will see a better photo, and she also reveals the secret inside, make sure you read it all, how did she know my weakness :)
I thought my parcel looked a little large for the usual page, and look what I discovered in the box, this amazing book, Lynda was inspired by Traci Bautista's DVD, and just happened to put this together over the weekend, as you do :) the woman is a human dynamo, the pictures as usual don't do justice to the items I received.
I count myself very blessed with the friends I have made on the Internet, thank you so much Lynda
The Book

The Spine

Inside pages

isn't it fabulous, I had other little treats in my box, but I am keeping those to myself :)))


Vicki W said...

I saw these on her blog - you sure had a great day when this mail arrived!

Carol said...

I saw it on Lynda's blog and lusted after it - you lucky duck! Hope you fill it full of treasures now. I want to take one on holiday with me so need to get my finger out over the next half term so it is ready to go. Love it.

StegArt said...

Oh you lucky girl! Lynda did a marvelous job using her talents on both your fabric page and the book.

feltedfibers said...

I have been reading Lynda's blog and love it, a very tanlented lady! the fabric page is wonderful and the book is fabulous to say the leat.

MargaretR said...

You lucky girl.

Tonniece said...

How lucky you are to recieve this beauty. I went to Lynda's blog and read the poem, what a chuckle. Talented and has a great sense of humor.
Lovely post

Dianne said...

How lucky can a girl get!! Both are fantastic - Lynda is such a generous, talented lady!!