Wednesday, April 11, 2007

One of those weeks

All week everything I have tried to do hasn't worked out, trying to make a page for Sara I tried gluing paper to fabric and painting, and it turned out horrible, the paper would not stick, the paint went horrible colours, now I have done this technique before and its always worked, did it go wrong because I am making for someone else, or was it because my PVA was running out and I watered it down too much, and then horror of horrors, I ran out of PVA completely, this never happens, so I then had to wait to get to the shops and go hunting for some decent PVA.
The next attempt I decided to print onto some Transfer Paper, yuck, plasticky result, its so long since I used this I had forgotten what it was like.
3rd attempt I decided to print onto Lutradur, success, coloured it with green Dyna-flow and it ran !!!! discovered DH had replaced the ink in printer with cheapo ink instead of the Durabright as he was printing out lots of letters, and forgot to tell me.
tried again and left the print overnight , this worked, but I then realised I did not have enough Dyna-flow. no other green paint in my stash,
I have now bought some silk paint and shall attempt tomorrow to colour the Lutradur, keep everything crossed for me.

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