Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April Birthday Postcards

Well, lucky lucky me, another 3 birthday postcards, I love looking for the post lately.
First one to arrive on Monday was from Micki
Gorgeous textured background and lovely embroidered flower.

Today two cards, top one from Francoise the colours are so wonderful, they blend into one another.
bottom one from Fairy Di
This is such a crunchy texture, and added stitch, glorious.


Micki said...

Glad the card made it to you and that you like it. Francoise and Dianne's cards are both lovely.

Sue B said...

oooh great cards!

StegArt said...

Great cards! I'm with you....the post has been very fun this month.

Doreen G said...

Lovely ATC's Carol

Emmy said...

this is so lovely to get these wonderful cards

fiberfanatic said...

Beautiful Cards! I am new to the Surface Design Group - and joined during the weekend I am moving! But just had to unpack one box, and start a PC during a rest break.
Must move to another apartment by May 1, then into the new (to me) house May 15. Going to be a crazy month. I am so excited about this group, and your beautiful work!
Happy Birthday, belatedly, and Have fun! -lainy
Highlands Ranch, CO