Sunday, January 28, 2007

Joanna asked about Machined cords, so I thought I would post the way I do it here,
The cord on the book page below, is machine wrapped copper wire, it was quite a thick wire that I stripped from old electrical cable,
The cord on the book is embroidery threads
drop the feed dogs on your sewing machine, set the stitch to a zig zag, I used the widest setting 5, set your stitch length to zero,
Take some wool, string, wire, or several strands of embroidery thread, depending how thick you want the cord, measure how long you want the cord and add about 6" more, holding the end of your machine threads and the end of the thread or wire together,
start about 2 inches in so you have something to hold,
make sure you lower your lever, start slowly and zig zag over the base thread, if using several threads and they seem to be spreading, just twist them slightly as you feed them under the foot, don't try to cover the cord completely,in one go, cover the whole length and then go back and repeat the process,this also means you will not run out of thread half way through a length of cord, save your best thread for the top layer, I hope this is clear, any questions just ask.
The picture shows the cord being stitched on the third layer.
There is another way of making cords with soluble fabric, I will post this another time.


nicchen said...
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Joanna van said...

This is really great. I would have never thought of copper wire. Thanks for the demo!

Helen in the UK said...

Thanks for the info on this. It is something I've meant to try for a long time, but I haven't ..... yet :)

MargaretR said...

Hi Carol. Loved your demo. I have done this before, but not sure I do it right. What foot is that you are using?
I love your vessel and it's lovely to see you so enthusiastic again. Mags