Saturday, December 09, 2006

The last few days I have been having computer problems, so have not replied to the comments, I thought I would point out for anyone who has not used the Adirondack Colour Wash, some of the colours in the bottles look different to how they look on the fabric, for instance 'Stream' looks a lovely turquoise but comes out quite green, not a favourite of mine, the Butterscotch, which looked a browny/ochery colour, is more yellow, The Eggplant, is a gorgeous purple, so when that was sprayed over the green, they blended nicely to a soft blue, also not impressed with the spray nozzle, a bit splattery, which could cause problems if it was a finished piece,
but I am glad I have them, just need more colours now.
(browny/ochery and splattery--- not yet in the Oxford English Dictionary, but they may well be, who knows)
Have stitched the next white piece, just need Derek to photograph it as it looks very weird on the scanner, as soon as he does I shall zap it with the Walnut Ink,

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Dianne said...

Great info on the colors will keep this in mind when buying..