Saturday, August 26, 2006

After Carol Clasper mentioned about the painted papers in the last post being suitable for using as backgrounds, it reminded me of a piece of fabric that I printed with transfer paints while doing C&G Surface Design, a couple of years ago, I wasn't very pleased with them at all quite garish colours, but I did like some of the effects of the resists I used, skeleton leaf and florists scrim, made a nice effect, I cannot find the original scan, may scan it again later, after the X Factor, another program to keep me glued to the telly.
I have loaded a couple of images that were put into Photoshop, the colours were changed and I really like the effect, I knew there was a reason to keep it:)

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Grumpy said...

Hi Carol

I used painted papers as backgrounds for my stitched heads. I hate to use the G word in such prestigious company as your own, but I just glue the heads onto the paper before framing.