Saturday, April 15, 2006

I am looking forward to the postman coming this week, I have ordered some silk screens from Marcy Tilton, very delicate designs.
I also ordered a squeegee and a meter of silk screen fabric, from George Weil so I can make my own, which will not be in the least delicate :)
I had Jane Dunnewold workshop DVD for Christmas, and I am just getting round to doing something from it. Have also ordered some stamps, and paper arts goodies, well it is my birthday tomorrow.
I must learn how to put web links in my blog, so that any sites I mention can be looked at easily.


smarcoux said...

Hi there... was just going to tell you how to put in links for the sites on your blog
where you are typing when you put an entry in your blog above it is a chain looking icon, this is the guy that does it .

So you must copy and paste the web url that you want to mention.
go to your blog entry highlight the word you want to associate with the url, when you have it highlighted then click on the chain icon a box will pop up, you copy and paste the url into that box if you not sure about copy and pasting you can always type it in.
Let me know if you have any problems.

Carol said...

Sandy you are a star, managed to do it straight away.