Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oooer, I have finished my canvas, and I feel quite sad, what shall I do next?
put the copper top coat on, and a little swish here and there of Goldfinger, oh how I love that stuff. I was going to put a little touch of Rub and Buff Verdigris, but the whole b****y tube had gone solid.
I stapled the edges of the fabric on the back of the canvas, and finished the back edge with brown paper tape. and that is that.
Now to try and get a good picture, I hate trying to photograph metallic work.


MargaretR said...

Congratulations on finishing Carol. I really love it. It's in a similar vein to you other work, but also quite different. It has much more texture. Carry on with the good work.

Carol said...

Thanks Margaret,I am quite pleased with it.its on the wall at the moment, not sure if I want to give it away now (g)

Anonymous said...

Looks great, Carol. If you haven't thrown the Rub'n Buf out -- you can use it by slitting the tube open and dipping a brush into turps and then into the tube. Evie