Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I have been looking at my Indian picture mulling over how I will work on it, this may take a while.
I tried to take pictures of the tissue paper sketches on the little digital camera, and cannot get them to load onto the computer, This is such a learning curve, I am too used to just asking my DH to do most techie things for me, I must persevere.
I will work on the tissue paper samples first, just so I can get back into the feel of working with paper and stitch.
I am quite excited at the though of doing them.
At the moment I have two or three other projects on the go, I like to have several lots of work in progress as if I get stuck or bored with one, I can jump to another, and then come back to the first and look at it with new eyes.
hopefully I can post the tissue pics tonight. Well its midnight and I have finally put them up
Not brilliant pictures, but the Japanese one has Iron on Interfacing on the back, the Mexican one I am going place over some tea dyed calico, and then we will see what happens.

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Gill said...

Carol, years ago we went to Mexico and I took loads of photos of these designs, thinking they would make for great inspiration when I got home. what have I done with them? Nothing! Shall be fascinated to see what you do with him!